Buddha's Journey: Nepal and India with Seth Monk

September 23 - October 4 , 2019
Join Seth Monk for the trip of a lifetime!​​

This trip is a combination of a tour, a retreat, an adventure, and a spiritual pilgrimage.

We going to do more than visit spiritual places, we are going to connect with them. Through meditations, prayers, ceremonies, and offerings, we will be plugging ourselves into the powerful and ancient energies of transformation and insight deep in the Himalayan plain. This is a trip to change you, to change your vibration, and one you will carry in your astral-stream for lifetimes to come.

Starting in Kathmandu, Nepal, this trip will take us to see the the holy Bodhinath Stupa, the ancient Monkey Temple, Kopan Monastery, and thriving marketplaces. 
From there we will travel to Lumbini, the place of the Buddha birth to meditate and receive blessing.
Crossing over the border into India, we will visit Kushinigar, ad pay respects the place where the Buddha passed away and reached parinirvana. 
Head east we will visit Saranath, the location where the Buddha gave his first discourse. Here we will meditate and receive instructions on meditation.
While there we will also spend time in holy Varanasi, a powerful and vast Shiva city on the Ganges River which is known for being the longest inhabited place in India. We will take a boat down the Ganges river to also see the funeral pyres on the riverbanks where people are still cremated to this day.
Heading out of Varanasi we head to Bodhgaya, the place of the Buddhas enlightenment. While there, we will bask in the thriving throngs on devotees from around the world and meditate by the Bodhi Tree.
While there, we will also visit Rajgrir, a mountain location that that was home to the Buddha and his monks for many important talks and caves of their practice.
Leaving Bodhgaya we will fly to Delhi for our final day and a tour around the older and newer parts of India's capital city. 

It will be guided by Seth Monk, a Boston native and a former Buddhist monk. Seth leads meditation groups at MIT, Blue Cross Blue Shield, public schools and yoga studios around the Boston area. On this trip Seth will lead group meditations, tell stories of the Buddha, and help people on their individual paths on transformation.

This trip includes:
-12 days and 11 nights of stays at 3-4 star hotels
-Tour bus rides
-1 flight from Gaya to Delhi
-3 daily meals
-Entries into sites and tips
-All on ground transportation
-Chandan Singh, a competent and caring Indian guide 
-Seth Monk leading ceremonies, guiding meditations, and telling stories of the Buddha and the places we are visiting. On tour he will also be available for private talk and interviews about practice and personal transformation.

Early Bird (deposit before April 7, 2019) $2500
Full Price (deposit after April 7, 2019) $3000

$500 Deposit due to reserve space
Limit: 10 participants

Paypal (Friends/Family): [email protected]

(Price does not include the flight from your home to Kathmandu and the flight from Delhi back to your home)

More info about Seth Monk at www.sethmonk.org

Questions: [email protected]