Awakened Tours was created in 2016 by Seth Monk.

A Boston native, Seth graduated in 2005 from the University of Hartford with a degrees in Fine Arts. Seth Monk then travelled to Germany where he ordained as a Buddhist Monk in a Vietnamese Monastery. 

During his time there, Seth travelled all over Europe and made a few trips to India, Nepal, and Tibet.

In 2014, after 8 years as a monastic, Seth left the monastery and travelled through India and Australia to continue his meditative practice and continue seeing the world.

Upon arriving back in the US, Seth began teaching meditation in yoga studios and schools. He also began giving group energy healings with a technique he learned in Dharmasala, up in the Himalayan mountains.

As he relayed his story to friends and colleagues, a collective wish arose to see some of the places that Seth has seen around the world.

Eventually acknowledging that wish, Awakened Tours was born, a trip service with Seth Monk that travels to various countries to explore the local cultures and make new life experiences.
Awakened Tours aims to be a cross between an adventure, a tour, and a retreat. 

We will visit exotic places and push our limits while remaining safe and in good hands.

Seth will guide meditations and activities along the way to enrich the process and further enliven the trip to a create a true transformational journey.